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Postless 1.0ml Disposable Vape Device




Manufacturer: DankSmoke

Place of Origin: China

Certification: GMP,QES

Color: Customized

Packaging: Customized

OEM/ODM service available


Product Name: DK015 Type: Ceramic Coil Disposable Pod
Color: White,Green, Blue, Black, Customized Working Voltage: 3.6V
Feature 1: 1.0 ml postless disposable Used For: Delta 8/Delta 10/THCO/HHC/THC
Feature 2: Press On Top,lockable Tip Tank Size: 1.0ml
Battery Capacity: 210mAh    


1. "Postless” – no central post, clear view window,see through your oil.
2. No central post , 100% heavy metal free, safe and healthy.
3.Wickless (no cotton around the atomizer),no burn taste.
4.Matching all Delta 8/Delta 10/THCO/HHC/THC all kinds of oil
5.Top filling structure,make filling easily by manual or machine.



Tank Capacity  1.0 ml
Size 83.56*20.8*13.6mm
Battery 210mAh
Tank Material PCTG
Resistance 1.7Ω±0.1Ω
Activate Way  Inhale through Mouthpiece
Capping Method Press-on
Charge Port Type-C
Body Plastic+Rubbery Coating
Intake Hole 2-Φ1.8mm


How to Fill?

1. Take the pod and cap out of the box 
2. Carefully fill one gram oil(Better 0.95ml-0.98ml). Both intake holes can be used for filling. (Do not overfill or fill too fast.)
3. Put back the cap immediately after filling oil. (Within 30 seconds )
4. Leave it alone and waiting for 30 miuntes, then enjoy it. 


1.The micro USB charging port is in the bottom of the pen;
2.The top will be locked once its pressed on;
3.Pls keep the disposable device in a cool and dry place.Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.



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