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Delta 9 Full Ceramic 2ml Disposable Vape Device Preheat Disposable




Manufacturer: DankSmoke

Place of Origin: China


Color: Customized

Packaging: Customized

OEM/ODM service available


Product Name: DK002-C Type: Ceramic Coil Disposable Pod
Color: White,Green, Blue, Black, Customized Working Voltage: 3.6V
Feature 1: 2ml Rechargeable Disposable Pen preheat mode Used For: Delta 9, THC
Feature 2: Press On Top,lockable Tip Tank Size: 2.0ml
Battery Capacity: 300mAh, Rechargeable    
Highlight: 2.0ml Delta 9 Disposable Vape Device, 2.0ml Full Ceramic coil Delta 9 Disposable Vape Device, 2.0ml Disposable Vape Pod Systems


1. Locked press-on mouthpiece design
2. Full Ceramic Disposable,pure taste.
3. 2ml oil tank,rechargeable battery,enjoy more and last for a long time
4. Button to start preheat mode
5. Window on tank to see the oil through, window shape can be customized
6. Slim size, vaping in Palm
7. Top filling



Tank Capacity  2.0 ml
Size 111.4*23.75*12mm
Battery 300mAh
Tank Material  PCTG
Resistance 1.5Ω±0.1Ω
Activate Way  5 Clicks button to Power on/of
Capping Method Press-on
Charge Port Type-C
Adjustable Voltage 2.7V(Green)、3.4V(Blue)、4.0V(Red)
Body Aluminium Alloy+Anodic Oxidation
Intake Hole  2-Φ1.8mm


How to Fill?

1. Take the pod and cap out of the box 
2. Carefully fill one gram oil(Better 0.95ml-0.98ml). Both intake holes can be used for filling. (Do not overfill or fill too fast.)
3. Put back the cap immediately after filling oil. (Within 30 seconds )
4. Leave it alone and waiting for 30 miuntes, then enjoy it. 


1.The micro USB charging port is in the bottom of the pen;
2.The top will be locked once its pressed on;
3.Pls keep the disposable device in a cool and dry place.Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.



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